Center of Excellence AI-aided data analysis and (data) transport infrastructures

Background. The idea of funding a Center of Excellence AIDA-TI CoE – a top research center for bleeding edge IT technologies in Ukraine was proposed by the Future Internet Lab Anhalt, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences jointly with the University of Konstanz, group of Data Analysis and Visualization and is supported by two major institutions – the  National Technical University of Ukraine and Space ResearchInstitute . A concept for implementation  of the Center of Excellence’s has been elaborated in the course of a funded project.

Objective. To prepare an implementation concept for establishing a German-Ukrainian Center of Excellence (CoE) conducting research on Data Analysis methods as well as on BigData transport infrastructures based on AI-aided algorithms.

This Center of Excellence targets expanding German-Ukrainian research cooperation and solving the scientific and applied problems of the recovery of Ukraine from the war by:

  • establishing a sustainable trans-national research group of highly skilled personnel,
  • active use of modern technologies to solve the priority tasks of the recovery of Ukraine from the war,
  • strengthening German-Ukrainian development of innovations,
  • increasing knowledge and technology transfer in the AI and Big Data technologies between Germany and East Europe region in basis research and applied,
  • implementation of win-win cooperation strategy, including opening of high-tech markets and the mutual exchange of researchers and policy makers,
  • establishing a sustainable international knowledge and innovation network.

The center’s activities shall help to respond to the following global challenges of innovative development:

  • Extending the influence of Germany and the EU and its research teams to East Europe in a mutually beneficial way while avoiding classical brain-drain paradigms.
  • Strengthening the equalized integration of Ukraine into the European Research environment.
  • Promoting the recovery of the scientific personnel potential of Ukraine from the war.
  • Contribution to sustainable economic environment of the region’s development.
  • Continuation of digitalization and intellectualization of the economies of Europe and the Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Contribution to algorithms and applications aimed at supporting big data handling in strategic areas such as health, climate change, geology, energy, financial, and business analytics.
  • Provision of prediction algorithms for socio-economic environmental changes under the influence of anthropogenic activity.
  • Enhanced Big Data Infrastructure using artificial intelligence fosters rapid distribution of huge amounts of data, making processes decentralized and increase attack resilience.

Project site:  AIDA-TI

Project manager – Vadym Kaptur