The initFDM project aims to set up a support center in the field of research data management (RDM) for researchers at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and also for advice at the five state-wide doctoral centers. Here, employee tandems are trained, which also serve as multipliers.

The background for the development of an own FDM was the granting of an independent right to award doctorates at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and three other HAW from Saxony-Anhalt. For this reason, a total of five doctorate centers were set up. The Anhalt Center for Data Science (ACDS), which provides the technical infrastructure for the development of an FDM, is also involved.

The project initFDM – “Initialization of structures and development of competencies in research data management at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in the region” is now to train technical competencies for FDM and provide the technical infrastructure. This is to be done in a three-phase process.

In the first phase, the aspects of data use and data rights management are to be tested with various business partners and industrial consortia in two particularly strong research pilot areas of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (biodiversity and sustainable land use as well as photovoltaics). The funding is intended to give employees the freedom to delve deeper into typical FDM issues and the tasks of data stewards, data curators and data librarians. The employees should then undergo further training in these areas accordingly. At the same time, tandems are formed, consisting of an employee from the pilot areas and an employee from the ACDS.

After basic skills have been built up halfway through the project, the tandems go beyond the pilot areas in terms of discipline and act as trainers as well as a specialist support and contact point for researchers at the participating universities and the state’s doctoral centers. In the third phase, two employees are to be permanently employed at the ACDS for advice on FDM. Ultimately, this creates a permanent research data management service that is open to all researchers at the participating universities and doctoral centers.

Project steps

  1. Creation of an overall concept for the implementation of research data management and its implementation in various research groups.
  • Scientific analysis of current trends in research data management.
  • Analysis of existing concepts and creation of SWOT analyses.
  • Development of a concept suitable for the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, based on the contents of current research projects.
  • Interaction with other FDM projects of the universities in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

2. Development of concepts for research data management for the areas of agriculture and photovoltaic.

  • Availability and type of existing storage of the ACDS infrastructure.
  • Development of a guideline and best practices for typical applications in various departments.

3. Implementation

Creation of a service concept for a cloud solution based on the hardware and software of the ACDS.

4. Development of training documents for FDM

  • Creation of presentations.
  • Updating and maintenance of the training materials.

Project manager – Simeon Trendov