FILA on CeBIT 2017

Our CeBIT exhibits

Name: CeBIT 2017

Date: 20 to 24 March 2017

Opened: Daily, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m

Place: Hannover Exhibition Grounds (Hermesallee), Messegelände, D-30521 Hannover

Location: Hall 6 / B24

Tickets: Get Tickets.



Exhibit #1: RMDT – multigigabit solution for reliable point-to-multipoint data transfer

Your data is everywhere

  • Data distribution over WAN
  • 99% of available bandwidth utilization
  • Up to 10 concurrent 1 Gbps data streams over one socket
  • Point to point mode of up to 10 Gbps in one stream
  • No additional network equipment
  • The easiest API ever been published for building own muligigabit – capable applications

RMDT – multigigabit solution for reliable point to multipoint data transfer:
Distribution your data over Internet is easy as never before. RMDT is a library, which provides an interface to build applications for delivering data in a reliable point to multipoint fashion over continents. It is reliable and very stable even under bad network conditions (high delays, losses, jitter). Whant to know more? Visit our booth @CeBIT! More information about RMDT here!



Exhibit #2: SmartLighting system

SmartLighting is a system representing a novel approach to a problem of energy consumption for public street illuminating systems, providing up to 90% power savings during a night operation period. The stand of presentation discloses main purposes of the project:

  • Keeping applied lights only turned on during a dark period
  • Prolonging a life cycle of street lamps
  • Providing a comfortable lighting zone for a pedestrian along the path
  • Basing on a reliable IPv6 unique addresses scheme with auto-configuration
  • Easy to deploy

You are welcome to visit our booth @CeBIT!